The front yard needed an update.
After Wilma this was what we had. The plants around the center tree were very much overgrown. They had creeped more than half way to the sidewalk, and were a breeding ground for weeds.
Here we have the finished product! (though the flowers aren't grown in yet)

It took 5 long days to do it. The hardest part was digging out all the old plants. There were so many roots from the oak that seemed almost impossible.

There are about 40 bags of new dirt, 50 pieces of sod, 45 edgers, 3 flats of impatents, many bags of rocks and other supplies. We dig out the old, overgrown plants for 3 days. Major work spanned week, with smaller projects for another week. And of course it will never be over.
I got a Garden Totem at Artigras. LOVE the colors in this spot, and the French Lavendar smells good next to it. It'll look nice when the impatents grow tall.

I moved the herb garden to pots around the area - the sun was an important factor.
The peppers are doing well again, too. They like it here.

Now we have a pleasant place to sit and watch the world go by.

And we've met a bunch of different neighbors who walk and do dogs.

It's like there's a park right out front and there's a great bench and flowers and "art" to look at and people going by to look at and it's easy to take a glass of wine out in the late afternoon and just meditate.

This was the front yard right after Wilma.

What a difference!